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Visit Pella

The ancient city of Pella was the famous historical capital of the ancient Macedonian kingdom during the times of Alexander the Great. Pella was built 45km west of modern day Thessaloniki, its magnetic force attracts visitors from wide and far. Pella is an excellent day drip option for those starting out from Thessaloniki, especially if combined with a visit to the archaeological site of Vergina, where one can discover the history of the ancient Macedonian kingdom. Discover the fascinating history of the Macedonian kingdom on a visit to Pella.


Edessa is a city in Macedonia and the capital of the regional unit of Pella in central Macedonia. It was established in 813BC by Karanos of Macedon, the first king of Macedonia, and it was the capital of the Macedonian kingdom. In 1386 Pella, along with the all of Macedonia, was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. In 1395 a strong earthquake was recorded and this created the waterfalls that the city is renowned for. A day trip from Thessaloniki affords the perfect opportunity for visiting this enchanting city and marvelling at its waterfalls. Why not combine this tour with a visit to Pozar Thermal Spa and revive yourself in the natural springs that are enriched with minerals and which gush at a pleasurable 37c.


Vergina is a small town in the prefecture of Imathia 80km southwest of Thessaloniki and 13km southeast of Veria. In 1996 it was proclaimed a Unesco World Heritage site due to the treasures discovered from the era of the Macedonian kings. By choosing a day trip from Thessaloniki you can visit he ancient ruins of the Macedonian palace and discover the magnificence of its architecture which reflects on the culture of this period. You will also be guided through the sheltered group of Macedonian tombs with the most prominent being the tomb of Philip II, who was the father of Alexander the Great, and whose glorious reign was in the heyday of Macedonian ancient civilization. Vergina provides the opportunity for a unique tour through the grandeur of Macedonian civilization.


Nestled on the Eastern fringes of the imposing Vermio mountains and offering an astonishing view of the rich green valleys leading to Thessaloniki, which is only 90km away, lies the beautiful city of Naoussa. Surrounded by flat lands, smooth foothills, steep mountains, gorges, meadows and forests, the city itself is full-bodied and beautifully structured. Naoussa is renowned for its vineyards and this is where the famous “Naoussa Boutari” was first bottled in 1905. In 1971 the wine-growing region of Naoussa was identified as a Protected Destination of Origin (PDO) region. Take a wine-tasting tour of the city’s wineries and sample world renowned Naoussa wine. A visit to the city on a day trip from Thessaloniki, in conjunction with a visit to Vergina, is highly recommended to discover this picturesque provincial town.


Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, the mountain range is situated between Macedonia and Thessaly and dominates with 52 peaks, the highest, Mytikas rises to 2198m. Just two hours away from Thessaloniki, Olympus , the seat of the Greek gods, presents an enjoyable challenge for nature lovers who wish to discover  its geology and its unique trails. Certified guides are available upon request to accompany you above or beneath the clouds, hiking or trekking, during your visit and on a day trip. Action packed trips in an area of incomparable natural beauty, a tour of mythological Mount Olympus is ideal for explorers and nature lovers alike.


On the foothills of majestic Mount Olympus lies the village of Litochoro. With a population of 7.000, it is the starting point for the ascent of Mount Olympus. It is almost always included in the day trip to Mount Olympus but it could also be a separate destination for those who wish to visit local restaurants and admire the majestic Mountain whilst enjoying the local cuisine. Uniquely positioned between the mountain range and the coast, Litochoro is an ideal tour destination.

Visit Pelion

A visit to Pelion is a combination of mountains and sea. Pelion is a mountain that reaches the city of Volos in Eastern Greece, halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki. In ancient Greek mythology, Pelion was the summer home of the gods of Olympus and the homeland of the Centaurs.

Whether you are a nature lover and enjoy mountains or a sun worshipper seeking the beach, Pelion is a versatile year round destination, which can even be visited on a day trip from Thessaloniki. In the summer months, on the foothills of the mountain a series of magical natural beaches like Mylopotamos, Fakistra, Potistika, Milina, Afissos, offer the natural shelter of the green landscape which stretches right into the turquoise blue waters.

Mount Pelion is a year round destination for climbers and trekkers who will marvel at the astonishing biodiversity of the trails. Snow lovers will be delighted with a ski centre as well as a series of picturesque villages, all contributing to making a tour to this area a unique journey of discovery and enjoyment. The local cuisine, amazing views, the postcard perfect villages running along the  renowned blue waters and the Pagasetic Gulf make a visit to Pelion an incredibly unique experience.

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