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Located at just about a 1-hour drive from Athens, the Peloponnese region offers many different historical sites, culture and beauty to tourists looking for a spectacular trip in Greece.


There are many reasons why this region of Greece is one that you do not want to miss!

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons you will have an unforgettable trip in the Peloponnese this summer.

1. Nafplio

Syntagma Square Nafplio

The first capital city of Modern Greece was Nafplio and until this day you will see ruins of the fortress walls up high overlooking the town from the mountain side.

This charming and romantic town has small streets that wrap around neoclassic buildings and squares and is the perfect place to visit anytime of the year.

2. Epidavros

Nea Epidavros

From ancient ruins and an impressive ancient theater to quaint town with tavernas serving up local treats, Epidavros is a must see on any trip through the Peloponnese.

During the summer months there are weekend shows at the ancient theater that draw in crowds of Thousdands of spectators and is an amazing experience.

3. Beaches

Voidokilia Beach

Check out the unspoiled beaches that this region has to offer! There are so many diverse terrains surrounding the sea in this region.

The seas are clean and the beaches can have pebbles, soft sand or you can jump off of cliffs – there is something for everyone in the Peloponnese!

4. Ilia

Epikourios Apollonas

This is where the mountain meets sea and provides tourists with the amazing experience of staying in a quaint beautiful village with sandy beaches and clear blue waters outlined by forests of pine trees reaching down to the sea.

There are also some significant archaeological sites you should check out while in Ilia, such as the Temple of Epicurios Apollo.

5. Arcadia

Dimitsana Village

You will find Arcadia in the center of the Peloponnese Region. This area is famous for its huge mountains such as Mainalo and Parnonas as well as its natural landscapes.

It was first settled by the Arcadians who are considered to be one of the oldest people in the Peloponnese, who are responsible for founding many significant cities throughout the region.

6-7. Olives and Kalamata


You can find 65 percent of Greece’s 132 million olive trees in the Peloponnese with the black Kalamata olives being the best-known variety.

So why not stop by Kalamata, eat some olives, try great local Greek dishes with fresh olive oil and enjoy the villages and beaches in this beautiful part of the Peloponnese?

You can purchase some souvenirs such as olive oil or maybe some sculptures made from olive tree wood that are hand carved in this region.

8. Wine Tours and Vineyards

A perfect way to get to know the beautiful Peloponnese region of Greece is to enjoy an amazing wine tour during your visit.

Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, having started cultivating vineyards and creating wine over 6,500 years ago.

9. Achaia

Kalogria beach Achaia

Home to the port city of Patras, the biggest city in the Peloponnese, Achaia is the place to go for beautiful mountain and seaside landscapes — including some of the most desirable beach destinations in the region along the Corinthian Gulf.

Achaia is considered Greece’s “seaside gate” to Western Europe and is one of the most historic sites in the Peloponnese. On the way to Patras, you will also pass the iconic Rio-Antirrio Bridge.

10. Something for Everyone

The Peloponnese Region is known for having a variety of activities as well as a very diverse landscape. From Hiking to wine tours, there really is something for everyone in this region of Greece!

Enjoy the breathtaking sea from the gulfs in Corinth, Patras, Saronic, Messinia, Argolida and Laconialooks and its diverse climate which is known to be more dry in the east, with colder weather, snow and rich vegetation in its central and mountainous parts and rain and hot weather in the west.

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