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Athens City Tours

Athens Guided Tours

It goes without saying that our insistence on offering the best in class services has not gone unnoticed within the category of Athens guided tours. Experienced licensed tour guides, carefully selected by our company as associates, offer their knowledge and experience on all of the Athens tours. We are happy to respond to your request by adding a licensed tour guide to the services under the category of Athens guided Tours , unless of course, these are already included as part of a specific package; our experienced, knowledgeable and polite tour guides will ensure that you will feel that you have discovered the city of Athens intimately. A private tour guide provides open access to discovering the nature of Greece historically, culturally and epistemologically.

Athens Tourist Attractions

Athens, the cradle of European civilization constitutes an internationally renowned destination, distinguished by its monument – museums, tributes to its history and the unique colours of Greek culture that define its identity. In this vein the countless tourist attractions of Athens pay tribute to the spirit of Athens and recount its journey through time.

The area of the Acropolis embraces and embodies Hellenism featuring the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Sanctuary of Dionysus on the southern slope of the Acropolis, the Theatre of Dionysus, the ancient Agora, the temple of Hephaestus, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the columns of the Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch, the Panathenaic Stadium, the Pnyx, the Areopagus, along with a plethora of other sites delineating the uniqueness of Greece. Culture and arts are represented by a spectacular series of Athenian buildings with the most prominent being the Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological museum, the Benaki museum, the Byzantine museum, the old Parliament House, the amazing Academy of Athens, the National Library, the University of Athens, as well as by a number of other buildings imparting a visual narrative of their identity. Unique vantage points which make Athens such an inimitable destination such as Mount Lyccabetus form an integral part of our Athens Tourist Attractions.

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