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Athens Walking Tours

Athens Excursions

The exclusive category of Athens excursions which offers walking activities in Athens as well as in the wider Athens area presents an alternative method of exploration. Walking routes in the city are predominant in this category, whereby the most popular walking activities are included in the lengthier or day excursions outside the city center.

These excursions are a combination of transportation to sites by our cars and walking activities in the cities, e.g. Nafplion where we’ll explore the magical city, Meteora where paths lead to the monasteries etc. Within the context of our customized services and upon request, we can propose and organize interesting walking excursions for you.

Athens Night tour by car

The Athens night tour is a unique service offering the opportunity to see illuminated Athens. Athens-by-night is a totally magical experience and gives you a different experience of the city. Athens night tour lasts 4 hours and is experienced in our luxurious company cars  in conjunction with our professionally trained drivers and start out from Mount Lycabettus, the highest panoramic point of Athens and cover all the popular and famous places such as the Acropolis, the trilogy (Academy – Library – University), the Panathenaic Stadium, the temple of Dionysus etc.

The tour culminates in a drive through the illuminated streets of Piraeus so that you may admire the captivating combination of the sea and the city by night, driving through beautiful marinas and admiring the panoramic view of Athens and Piraeus from Mount Lycabettus. The tours by car in our luxurious vehicles in conjunction with our professionally trained drivers comprise an alternative but unique choice for discovering hidden gems in our city and in Greece .

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