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Enjoy an amazing day Tour with your family

Since our priority lies in delivering quality services, we unreservedly guarantee the success of your family tour. A series of options from various trips are at your disposal to make your family visit to Greece a unique and enjoyable experience.

Choose from day tours or multi-day tours and we can also tailor tours to your requirements. Historical day tours such as visits to archaeological sites, museums, cultural centres, entertainment tours such as private tours and water activities on specific islands by private yacht, children activity tours such as visits to the zoo, water parks or adventure land activities, winter activities in ski resorts in Greece etc., as well as family fun in multi-day tours such as rafting, hiking etc.  

Destinations suitable for families and kids

Respecting your family’s special wishes, together we can organize tours that are tailored to your choices and adaptable to the needs of your family and kids. We are able to identify destinations in Athens and beyond that are best-suited to the requirements of your family. The enormous diversity that Greece offers for families enables us to identify a destination that will be fun, safe and special.

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