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St. Loukas Viotia

A visit to the monastery of St. Loukas Viotia is included in the day trips from Athens and can be taken alone or in combination with a visit to Delphi. The monastery of St. Loukas Viotia is located on the western foothills of Mount Helikon in Viotia in the historical village of Steiri. A dedicated tour to the World Heritage listed monastery is a journey to admire masterpieces of Byzantine art and architecture dating back to the 11th century.

The Monastery’s Katholikon (main church) and the Church of the Theotokos comprise the two main buildings of the monastery exemplifying the second golden age of Byzantine art and architecture with mosaics of outstanding beauty depicting the life of Christ. The monastery houses the crypt of St Barbara, the olive production museum and the exhibition of local produce, such as wine, local sweets, iconography etc. This excursion combines historical knowledge of the Byzantine era to modern times by virtue of its incredibly beautiful location, and we are certain that you will experience and discover serenity.

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