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Meteora Day Trip

At a distance of 360km from Athens and near the town of Kalambaka, the imposing sandstone peaks of Meteora rise to the heavens. The gigantic rocks of Meteora dominate the sky in the region between Mount Koziakas and the forested mountain range of Antichasia. The Meteora rock formation tower into the heavens and the word Meteora itself means to hover in the air.

24 monasteries were built on the peaks of these rock formations, a symbol and footprint of the Byzantine era but only six remain operational today. The excursion to Meteora offered as a day trip from Athens or Thessaloniki is extraordinary and offers the visitor an unexpected experience removed from what classical destinations have to offer. Unesco listed Meteora as a monument to humanity and an international cultural heritage site. A day trip to Meteora is a visit to an area of unparalleled beauty where the visitor may discover the boundary adjoining the greatness of Byzantium with nature’s spectacular work of art.

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