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Eight kilometres east of modern day Sparta and closer from the ancient city, Mystras lies on the foothills of Mount Taygetus. Mystras  was a fortified city and the capital of the Despotate of Mystras during the 14th and 15th century A.D. when it experienced a period of prosperity and cultural growth. Dominated by the seven Christian churches built along the lines of Byzantine architecture and being of exceptional archaeological importance, a visit to Mystras bears testimony to the magnificence of the Byzantine Empire.

Visits to the region are usually part of our day trips in conjunction with the tour to ancient Sparta. It is also part of the multi-day excursions to the Peloponnese. Mystras is an area of exceptional natural beauty and accessible from Sparta from where we can discover the course of Hellenic civilization in the Byzantine era.

Visit Corinth

Corinth is one of the most historically interesting places to visit and a stone’s throw away from Athens. Corinth is included in our day trips from Athens or can form part of a long stopover during a multi-day tour of the Peloponnese. During the stopover in Corinth our guests will discover the Corinth Isthmus, i.e. the Canal that connects the Aegean to the Ionian sea and the gateway from the mainland to the historical Peloponnese.

Thereafter we shall guide you through the ancient city of Corinth where you will visit the Temple of Apollo, one of the oldest surviving buildings of the Ancient Greek world, the museum of ancient Corinth and finally the fortress of Acrocorinth where we’ll take in the panoramic views across the entire Corinthian Gulf. With easy access from Athens, a visit to Corinth is a journey through time and natural beauty.

Visit Nafplio

At a distance of approximately two hours from Athens on the eastern side of the Peloponnese lies wonderful Nafplion. Easily accessible, it is included in our day trips and it is a unique choice. A visit to Nafplion , the first capital of modern Greece, is of both historical and aesthetic interest.

A city of 14.000 residents with an appreciable 12th-13th century Venetian architecture imprint, especially in the old town, Nafplion is a unique tour and a multicultural hub of discovery. Palamidi, the Venetian fortress dominates the city, the Bourtzi the small fortress built on an islet in the sea is spectacular, the Acronafplia castle and many other archaeological sites make a visit to Nafplion a splendid choice.

Visit Mycenae

About 132 km from Athens in the north-eastern Peloponnese lies one of the most archaeologically significant cities in the historical development of the Mycenaean civilization. A visit to Mycenae, on the World Heritage list, is part of the day trips from Athens and is combined with a visit to the city of Nafplion or Corinth.

A tour of Mycenae is to go to the very beginning of Greek history from the early Neolithic era to the early middle Helladic period. The citadel of Mycenae, with its strategic position for the control of the Argolid Plain is the kingdom of the mythical Agamemnon, and the most important and richest palatial centre of the Late Bronze Age in Greece. A visit to Mycenae follows the trail of human civilization, and underscores the outstanding universal value of the city to all of humanity.

Visit Epidaurus

On the Eastern side of the Peloponnese and 12km from the ancient city of Epidauros lies Epidauros, a historical city renowned from antiquity to the present day for the amazing acoustics of its open air theatre and for the Sanctuary of Asclepius, the first medical centre of antiquity. A visit to Epidauros is included in the category of day trips from Athens and is part of the multi-day tours to the Peloponnese.

Embedded in a green landscape in a strategic location in antiquity we discover the Sanctuary of Asclepius, an area that houses the ruins of the gym, the stadium and hostels that housed the sick during their treatment, as well as the theatre, with its incredible acoustics and famous tragedies and comedies. A visit to Epidauros  is a journey through the cultural heritage of human civilization.


Argolis is a prefecture on the Eastern side of the Peloponnese; from the south it is bathed by the Argolic gulf and from the east by the Saronic. The day trip from Athens to Argolis includes a series of sight-seeing stops: Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplion and Epidauros, all of historical interest but certainly fashioned for fun and enjoyment. Visits to unique places, discovery of areas of outstanding beauty, sampling local cuisine and becoming acquainted with the local character of these places makes for an unforgettable experience on this amazing tour. We have no hesitation in recommending this excursion as the perfect choice for those who wish to combine history and enjoyment on an organized journey of discovery.

visit Ancient Olympia

A visit to ancient Olympia  the birthplace of the Olympic games will provide an insight into the noble ideals of competition as a force for unifying mankind. The site is situated in the valley of the Alfeios river surrounded by greenery on the foothills of Mount Kronos.

According to Pafsanias, a Greek geographer of the 2nd century AD the site housed 70 temples in total, as well as treasuries, altars, statues, and other structures dedicated to many deities. Ancient Olympia was also known to house the gigantic Chryselephantine statue of Zeus, which was known as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. A visit to ancient Olympia  is available as a day trip  as well as being included as part of a multi-day excursion of the Peloponnese. A unique, classical tour  to discover  the magnificence of Hellenic culture.


At an altitude of 735 metres Kalavryta is a mountainous town in the prefecture of Achaia. A popular destination for Greeks and tourists alike, Kalavryta’s beauty changes with the seasons; during the winter months, Kalavryta is a popular ski centre. The tour to Kalavryta is included in our day trips from Athens and it is a magical journey from the sea to the natural beauty of the mountains.

Your visit to Kalavryta can be arranged to offer activities such as trekking etc., a visit to Lake Doxa, the Lake of the Caves, as well as an enchanting ride on the rack railway which passes through the mountain waterfalls from Kalavryta to Diakopto. Discover an alternative escape to the mountains through our excursion for a truly incomparable experience.

Panagia Elona

Suspended on a steep cliff side on Mount Parnon, the Panagia Elona monastery lies 17 km from the coastal area of Leonidio in the Peloponnese. It can be reached on a day trip from Athens which takes in the coastal route of the eastern Peloponnese. The visit principally forms part of our tours with a religious and historical significance. The monastery of Panagia Elona suffered damages and pillages during the Ottoman Empire, but it played in an important role in the revolution of 1821.

It is characteristic that the monastery is built without a dome and there aren’t any frescoes on its walls. The iconostasis of the church is decorated by hand on wood and is indeed a focal point of admiration. During this excursion, we’ll discover a multitude of locations of unparalleled natural beauty, as well as the historical aspect of the Byzantine and post Byzantine era, when monasteries played a key role in forging Neohellenic history.

Virgin Mary Malevi

Within the context of discovering the Byzantine period in Greece and of witnessing the magnificence of Byzantine art, we created a programme of religious tours within which a visit to the miraculous monastery of Malevi, or the Dormition of the Virgin, is included.

The monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin lies 44 km from Tripoli in the Peloponnese. The monastery’s main church is in the Byzantine style of an inscribed cross-dome, a popular architectural style of the Byzantine period, the frescoes having been recently restored. The excursion is included in the day excursions from Athens and is the ideal choice if you wish to enjoy natural beauty, learn about Greece’s modern history, and to be awe struck by the church’s location.


Built between Antirrio and the mouth of the Mornos river, Nafpaktos is a jewel of a town on the north coast of the Corinthian gulf.  Today it has about 13.500 inhabitants and is a tourist destination because of its ancient history and its unique natural beauty. Nafpaktos can be reached on a day trip from Athens and our visit  there enables the discovery of its historical and natural beauty. During this excursion we’ll visit the well-preserved castle, the 1821 museum, the Venetian harbour, we’ll stroll around the town’s comfortable traditional streets, visit selected nearby beaches and of course we’ll inform you about the famous naval battle of Nafpaktos in 1571 when the Greeks were triumphant against the Turks thereby creating a milestone in European history.

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